Who Are We?

Diego – Born in 1984 am a hedge fund manager, I have worked in the financial sector for quite a long time. Am a travel enthusiast and like to travel around the world exploring what this wonderful world has to offer.

Rose- Born in 1987, stay at home mom tags along with the husband on his adventures.

Why Lake Tahoe

It had been almost 4 months since we had last taken a trip, my wife had this brilliant idea that this time, we should vacation and go somewhere within the country. We looked at every destination and we stumbled upon Lake Tahoe, at first we were a bit skeptical because we did not know what to expect. Of all places why Nevada? Specifically, in the mountains.

I was hell bent convincing my wife otherwise! After a little digging and I mean a whole lot of research, I have to inform you from what I saw it seemed to be like paradise. Personally, I have been to a lot of places worldwide but none came close to what I saw. I absolutely fell in love with the place.

And that was it! my wife and I were off to this magical place.

Mind Blowing Experience

The lake itself is a sight to behold, it’s very beautiful and scenic. The weather during that time of the year was just amazing, bright blue sunny skies with temperatures of about 55 degrees. We stayed at an Airbnb for the entire week we were there, it was very clean, neat and well organized plus it provided us an opportunity to interact with the locals. I would highly recommend to anyone as its pocket-friendly. 

There we lot of things to do there. It has absolutely everything. Day one, the morning we went hiking, in the afternoon we hit the golf course, next day we went to local restaurants to sample the local delicacies afterwards wandered around random paths with breathtaking views, next we went river rafting I can go on and on non-stop!

Am a gambling man myself and what stood out for me was the casinos in the vicinity. I would highly recommend to anyone, their staff is courteous and friendly.

The nightlife is unbelievable all the clubs and restaurants are of world class standards, we were spoilt for choice. Coupled with their low prices of food and drinks by far one of the best trips we have had in a long time.

Planning A Return Trip

That is a no-brainer! What makes it so attractive to most holiday goers is not only the activities on Lake Tahoe but also the enjoyable experience all throughout the year may it be summer on the beach or skiing on winter resort.

Is Lake Tahoe for everyone? Yes! It is from families, couple, singles all their requirements, specification and catered for to ensure they have an unforgettable holiday gateway.

Just remember to plan your vacation trip according to the types of activity that you will undertake because its dependable on seasons especially when going to Lake Tahoe.

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