Top 10 Lake Tahoe Restaurants

Lake Tahoe is home to both elegant and casual restaurants. Choosing the best Lake Tahoe restaurants is a matter of personal choice. In making these choices, you need to pay attention to some important details in order to get the value for your money any time you eat at Lake Tahoe.

Also, remember that you’re on vacation and finding a good restaurant by chance doesn’t mean you should stick to it alone; try out some other classy ones to complement your holiday fun. 

Here are some restaurants you should patronize anytime you’re in Lake Tahoe:

The Classic Gar Woods Grill and Pier Restaurant

This menu bar is the pride of Gar Woods. The restaurant has spacious balconies and a big deck that allow you to have a clear view of Sierra Nevada Mountains and the whole city.  Mainly, this classy restaurant offers California cuisine, Pacific seafood, pizzas, salads and pasta. The best of California wines are sold in this fun bar. 

The major menus served in this restaurant are Australian Lamb chops, Shrimp and Lobster Bisque, Pomegranate Glazed Pork Ribs, while the major desserts served include Butterscotch Crème Brulee and White Chocolate Snickers Cheesecake. Gar Woods Grill is famous for cocktails such as Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Peach Schnapps, Sweet and Sour mix, Rum and Pineapple Juice. 

The Award-Winning Soule Domain 

For times without number, Soule Domain at Kings Beach has always emerged as one of the leading Lake Tahoe top restaurants. If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant, this is the ideal one for you. Many people on their first dates have made Soule Domain their go-to restaurant. 

The restaurant is run by a family. They are known for using fresh and organic ingredients in preparing their French-induced dishes. Some of their major menus include champagne-poached sea scallops and pan-roasted chickens with mushrooms. With less than $10, you can enjoy their tasty desserts such as Queen of Sheba flourless chocolate double torte cake topped with fresh whipped cream.

This award-winning restaurant prepares outstanding desserts, appetizers and salads. They also committedly prepare fresh foods to the delight of their customers.  

South Lake Tahoe Beacon Bar and Grill on the Water

This restaurant is situated at Camp Richardson, South Shore of Lake Tahoe. This South Lake Tahoe restaurant breakfast will make you start your day on a good note. You may decide to kayak or boat to the restaurant and have a heavenly treat in summer. While enjoying your sumptuous meal, you’ll have a view on the water and the much talked about Mount Tallac. 

Some of the major drinks sold in the restaurant and bar are wine, Rum Runner and beer. Some of their major dishes are Clam Chowder, Crab and Shrimp Enchiladas, Deep Fried Calamari, Seared Ahi and Burgers. No matter what time of the day you decide to go to this restaurant, always expect the best of delicacies. 

The Marvelous Edgewood Restaurant 

This is also one of the respected Lake Tahoe restaurants on the water. This restaurant is chiefly seated in the clubhouse of the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. Their classy and well-prepared food adds to the fun and experience of the vacation. Also, Edgewood is one of Lake Tahoe restaurants with a view of the lake that is so clear and appealing. 

In addition, if you're a big fan of seafood, Edgewood is your go-to restaurant. However, you can always find other great delicacies in this eatery. Some menu on the items includes superb Ostrich Medallion appetizer and Roast Loin of Elk. You may top your food up with some of the assorted wines sold in the restaurant. 

The Beautifully Designed Backyard Bar and BBQ

No matter the season of the year you visit this bar, it is always open. Backyard Bar and BBQ is one of Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe restaurants that treat their guests especially based on the season at hand. For instance, during winter, the eatery offers skiing outdoor dining while at summer they use the poolside to give their guest a unique experience.

This restaurant is famous for offering local barbeque such as brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, St. Louis smoked ribs, wood-fired oven baked pizzas and traditional burgers. Remember you're on a vacation and giving these local cuisines a try is a sure way of spicing up your adventure. 

The Reputable Flame of India Restaurant

No doubt, this eatery is first on the list of best Lake Tahoe Indian restaurants. The restaurant offers the best Indian cuisines for lunch and dinner. Whether you're interested in seafood, sauces, beverages, rice or desserts, Flame of India has got you covered. 

Their customer service is also commendable. Despite the fact that the eatery is family-run, they do display a high level of discipline and professionalism while attending to customers. More so, their price is moderate and friendly. 

You don't have to be an Indian to eat in this restaurant. While sightseeing in Truckee, you can just walk into the eatery and add it to your experiences in Lake Tahoe.

Their chicken dishes are creamy and well-spiced with soft breast meat. Their saag paneer too is classy. You may decide to check out their tasty rice, Dal makhani, roti, naan and paneer mirch. Flame of India is full of surprises with their menu. 

South Lake Tahoe Brothers Burrito House Mexican Food

This eatery prides itself as the best out of South Lake Tahoe Mexican restaurants. The restaurant offers time-tested and authentic recipes. In addition, all the products are usually freshly bought, chopped by hand cooked that same day. They don't use processed products. 

Brothers Burrito House is usually the preferred choice in South Lake Tahoe restaurants for breakfast. 

Their burritos are always awesome and served in a clean, comfortable environment. Their dinner is always served with rice, tortillas and beans. You may combine them with Style Taco and small burrito. Alternatively, you may order the fajitas, enchilada or carnitas plates to make your dinner fun-filled. They have all kinds of meat choices. 

Furthermore, there are special delicacies for the kids. The items on the menu include kids beans & cheese burrito, kids quesadilla, kids cheese enchilada with rice and beans and 5 chicken nuggets with rice and beans. So, this eatery gives room for family. After eating, you may request for Mexican waters, wines, coffee, soft drinks or beer to top it up.

Italian Tep's Villa Roma Restaurant 

This is also one of the best Lake Tahoe CA restaurants.  It is located at 3450, Blvd, South Lake Tahoe. This eatery has been serving fine, tasty Italian cuisines and Seafood for the past 43 years. As a way of distinguishing themselves from other Lake Tahoe Italian restaurants, they welcome their guests to the dining room with cool Italian music. 

In addition, all their ingredients are fresh and hand-chopped. It is of little wonder that they've always been awarded the 'Best Italian Food' in the whole of the region for the past 14 years. They offer most of the traditional Italian menus you can think of and others such as pasta dishes, veal, fresh fish special, Seafood and steaks. A taste of their appetizers and specialties will leave you speechless.

To Tep, every guest is a VIP that is why they adopt the 'first come first served' technique. 

North Lake Tahoe Fire Sign Café 

When it comes to quality breakfast, Fire Sign Café is the first on the list of North Lake Tahoe best restaurants. It is the perfect place for you to start your day. However, if you don’t want to be kept waiting due to the influx of people, it is very important you get there early. The crowd is much more on weekends. 

This eatery is family-owned and all their foods are prepared from scratch. Their chorizo sausage, dressings and baked goods will definitely delight you. It has been discovered that one of the major problems people face at this restaurant is choosing what to buy. Before making an order, carefully check out the specials board. You may decide to start the day with gravy and biscuits; it’s very healthy. 

North Lake Tahoe Drunken Monkey Fantastic Restaurant 

If you’ve been to all the restaurants in North Lake Tahoe CA but yet to taste Drunken Monkey’s food, you still have a long way to go. This eatery is famous for its good sushi. The sushi is always skillfully and freshly prepared. However, the restaurant offers some other noodle delicacies and Japanese tapas, that’s if you want to take something heartier. In addition, you have the opportunity of selecting any sake of your choice. 

Drunken Monkey is very lively and fun place for you and the whole family. It is also romantic for couples on a date. 


In conclusion, you have numerous options to pick from. There are many more restaurants in Lake Tahoe that are classy and fantastic, but these are the leading ones. If you don't want to risk anything, the eateries mentioned in this article are your best options.

Even if you’re used to some specific cuisines, it is also good you try out some of the local dishes in Lake Tahoe. Your vacation experience is incomplete without tasting their local food. 

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