Top 6 Beaches On Lake Tahoe

Having a memorable vacation does not translate to spending all that one has saved up, rather it has to do with finding the best location with good amenities and serene environment. Known as one of the most visited tourism centers in North America, Lake Tahoe is very amazing due to its physical structure, landscape and the natural feeling that descends on tourists on each visit. There are many beaches at Lake Tahoe, each with their own unique experiences. 

Now, what are the Lake Tahoe best beaches and what really makes them special?  

The Elegant and Dog-Friendly South Lake Tahoe—Kiva Beach 

This is undoubtedly the first on the list of South Lake Tahoe best beaches. This beach is surrounded by mountains. Kiva beach is usually described as a ‘Jewel’. Also, reviews online speak greatly about this location. This lake space is usually less crowded compared with other Lake Tahoe beaches. It has a free parking lot and a Visitors’ Center (VC) with adequate restrooms. From the center, it’s just a few minutes’ walk away to the beach. 

There are some other amenities that make your stay here worthwhile. There are picnic tables at the VC where you can have a nice time with other tourists. More specifically, this beach is about 3.5 miles from the ‘Y’ intersection of Highways 50 and 89, north-wise. To make your trip to the beach memorable, you can either go for a trek, ride a bike or jog along the well-trailed national forest.

It is worthy to note that Kiva Beach is one of the South Lake Tahoe beaches that are dog-friendly. So, you have the opportunity of taking your companion along while coming to this beach. Unlike many other places, this beach offers conducive restrooms to clean up yourself after the day’s activities. 

There are nearby restaurants surrounding the beach selling different delicacies. You can never be bored with the same kind of food as you have different choices to make each time you want to eat. This venue is normally used to host Lake Tahoe beach weddings. The weddings are always glorious with attractive photos. 

The Attractive El Dorado Beach 

Lake Tahoe El Dorado beach is another great place to visit as a vacationer. From the Lake Forest Beach Park, you will have a clear and charming view of the Lake. The beach is situated at the rear side of Bristlecone Avenue. It has a park which is renowned for swimming, horseshoes, sight-seeing, windsurfing, bird-watching and picnic activities.

The beach is always open and accessible throughout the year. An assurance I want to give you about this beach is that there are many amenities that will give you all the fun you crave for. First, the beach has many shades, so you don't need to go along with your umbrella. Also, there are different restrooms at the beach. You can imagine how discomfort can just spoil your fun within a twinkle of an eye. Beyond that, there are picnic facilities at a dedicated side of the beach. You get to meet new friends, relieve yourself of stress and have a homely feeling at the picnic. 

Also, you need not bother about food at this beach. There are different restaurants nearby selling both local and foreign delicacies. As a first time visitor, why don’t you try out the local delicacies of Lake Tahoe? They’re very delicious and unique!

The Ever Welcoming North Lake Tahoe Kings Beach

Just as the name implies, Kings Beach is a place whereby you're given a royal treatment. The beach is named after the town where it is located which is at the North Shore of the lake. Statistically, this town is part of Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Metropolis. There are many fascinating amenities at this beach. In fact, Kings Beach is one of the best North Lake Tahoe beaches. A unique advantage of this beach is that it has a lot of winter sun.

During the winter, North Lake Tahoe Kings Beach is the best place to spend your vacation. 

There are also many fun activities on this beach that will make your stay memorable. First is the picnic facility that gives you the opportunity to socialize and mingle with other vacationers. In order to make the picnic more enjoyable, there are many nearby shops and restaurants where you can easily buy your picnic supplies.

Paddleboarding, parasailing, kayaking and jet skiing are some other fantastic activities you can do while at the beach. You’ll definitely be impressed by all these sights. 

The Superb Commons Beach

Lake Tahoe Commons Beach is another great place to spend your next vacation, especially when the vacation is all about your lovely children. Located at the downtown of Tahoe City, this beach has over 4 acres parking lot and is ideal for the whole family. 

Commons Beach is the best known Lake Tahoe sandy beach. It is only good for swimming for children. However, there are grassy areas around the beach where you can have a vivid view of the beach activities. In all, the Beach is easily accessible. 

Despite the fact that Commons Beach is not a typical beach, the amenities and opportunities there will amaze you. Whenever it's weekend in summer, there are free musical concerts at the beach with food vendors. In addition to this, the beach has a playground where vacationers can stretch out themselves and feel relaxed. 

This beach is one of the closest beaches to Tahoe City, so restaurants, shops and bars are within the reach. Picnicking, sunbathing and swimming are the popular events at the beach. There are group picnic sites on the lakefront grass. 

More interestingly, there is a large barbecue area at the park that can conveniently accommodate 75 people at a time. In addition to this, there is an amphitheater at the park that can seat 65 people at a go. In the summer, there are free movies every Wednesday night. This Beach is just the ideal spot for you and your household, whether young or old, there is an event to keep the fun going. 

However, pets are not allowed at both the park and beach. While swimming, you need to be on alert due to the unexpected storm that usually occurs at the Beach.

Baldwin Beach—The Best South Lake Tahoe Beach

Lake Tahoe Baldwin Beach is a very large beach. It is four miles away from South Lake Tahoe, along Highway 89. Kayakers heading to Emerald Bay do start their journey from the Beach. It is arguably the nicest shore in the South. This Lake Tahoe sandy beach stretches for about half a mile. The Beach grants you unhindered access to a clear view of the city and is being surrounded by Nevada Mountains. Baldwin Beach seats on a National Forest land.

The beach is always opened from the weekend of Memorial Day till the Mid-October. There are many recreation opportunities at this beach apart from swimming. If you so much enjoy kayaking, this beach should be your destination in the summer. The beach also has a large parking lot where they allow vacationers to park free of charge the throughout the day. There are public restrooms at different locations at the beach. You can always go in to clean up yourself. 

Are you fan of barbeques? This is the beach out of South Lake Tahoe best beaches that offers you the real, delicious barbeque. More so, there are picnic facilities at the beach. The beach is also one of the choicest locations for Lake Tahoe beach weddings.


The Excellent Dog-Friendly Chimney Beach

Chimney Beach is no doubt one of the best North Lake Tahoe beaches dog-friendly. The beach is situated about 3 miles south of Sand Harbor which is 6 miles from Incline Village in Nevada. The beach has two different parking lots where free parking is allowed. However, they don’t allow overnight camping. From the parking lots, there are designated signs at strategic locations serving as guides for vacationers.

First, this Lake Tahoe lakeside beach is dog-friendly. Whenever you plan to visit this beach, there is no need to leave your companion behind at home; always bring your dog to have some fun too. This sandy beach also serves as escape means from the crowd. The environment is serene, with no noise and always welcoming. If you so much enjoy hiking, this venue is the best fit for you. The beach is sandy with distinct chimney markers where it derives its name. 

Over time, it has been discovered that when you go farther on the beach, you have the tendency to encounter nude sunbathers. So, if you go with your family, always stay nearby.


In this relatively short piece, we considered Lake Tahoe best beaches. Before arriving on this list, we considered the amenities available at each beach and how easily accessible they are. If you want to get the best out of your next vacation, try to visit one of these beaches. Each beach is unique with natural feelings and always welcoming. Nothing can bore you at the beach. 

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