All You Need To Know About Fishing In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is famous for its year-round inshore fishing. If you want to enjoy Lake Tahoe fishing, there are some hotspots in both the North and South regions that you must always target. Some of the variety of fish common in Tahoe are Rainbow Trout, Mackinaw Trout, Kokanee Salmon and Brown Trout. Depending on your choice and preference, you may decide to try out offshore fishing, pier fishing, beach fishing or make use of fishing charters.

If you have the time, trying out all of them promises to be fun. However, don't forget your fishing pole while going to Lake Tahoe. 

In order to get the best out of your fishing adventure when at Lake Tahoe, there are some important things you need to know which are carefully discussed in this article. Enjoy!

Fishing Regulations in Lake Tahoe

Before discussing any other thing, it is important to let you know what the Lake Tahoe fishing regulations are because if you break any of their laws, you're liable to $1,500 fine, if not more. Before fishing, make sure you buy a license either from Nevada or California (anyone you buy will grant you access to Lake Tahoe). Depending on your choice and how frequent you go fishing, you may buy a license covering a whole year or just some days. However, this Lake Tahoe fishing license is only available for people who are 16 years and above. 

Furthermore, find out about where you intend fishing. Some areas place limitations on the use of baits and techniques while some are simply limitless. In some other parts, after catching the fish, you're expected to release them immediately. After getting your license and reading through their regulations, you're ready to explore the lake!

Fishing Season at Lake Tahoe

No matter the season you get to Lake Tahoe, the door is always open for fishing. On a daily basis, the official fishing hour starts an hour before sunrise and ends two hours after the sun is set. 

You're allowed to only catch two Mackinaws and an overall total of five fish in a day. However, the tributary streams are not always open all year round.  If you wish to fish in tributaries, read the fishing regulations given to you very well so as not to be found culpable of any offense. So, there are no particular times of the year for Lake Tahoe fishing season.

Hiring Lake Tahoe Fishing Charters

An obvious way to add to your fun while at Tahoe for fishing is to book a charter with a personalized guide. This guide will bolster your chances of catching fish. Although there are many Lake Tahoe fishing charters, but the most reliable of them all is Nor-Cal Charters. At present, the company has three standard fishing vessels. All their boats are equipped with big bait tanks and the needed gear to allow you drift, troll, jig or even mooch, depending on which style is most productive at every given time. 

Also, this company can be reliably used for your Lake Tahoe sports fishing. Whether for private fishing, family, bachelors' party or a romantic adventure, Nor-Cal Charters will make your sports fishing very memorable. 

Their guards are certified and they've been in business for years, so putting you through to have the best catch is not a problem. 

When you make the right charters at all times, your Lake Tahoe fishing trips will always be fun-filled. 

Renting the Best Boat in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe fishing boat rentals are usually difficult for first-timers because they are not used to the region. If you don't want your imagined fun to be ruined by a bad boat, I'll advise you to stick to the ones recommended in this article. H2O Craft Rentals is one of the best renting outlets in Tahoe. They can be found in three different places-- Interstates 5, 205, 508. Therefore, locating them is not a problem. 

They have three kinds of fishing boats. No matter the one you rent, they allow people to tow them to their favorite fishing spots. The least of their boats is XCR Boat which can contain 4 passengers. It uses 10 HP 4-stroke mercury engine. If you don't like that one, you may rent the bass fishing boat. This can contain 5 passengers and has many more features to aid your fishing adventure. Lake Tahoe bass fishing is much more interesting using this boat.

Another alternative boat is the Crestliner Bass. It can seat 7 passengers with motor-controller pedals. Despite all these incredible features, all the boats are very cheap to rent. 

The Best 5 Fishing Spots at Lake Tahoe

Now, it is good I hit the nail on the head by telling you where exactly you can get a good catch at Lake Tahoe. Be it bass or trout, you have to be well-positioned in order to have the best catch at Tahoe. Thus, here are the top spots to fish:

The Famous Truckee River

This river flows through the popular Fanny Bridge at Tahoe City. It is one of the major rivers with Lake Tahoe fishing species of all kinds. Under normal circumstances, Brook Trout, Rainbows and Browns are many in this river. This river is also very perfect for beginners and avid anglers as it is full of riffles, deep pools and runs. This makes fishing with baits, lures and flies very possible. 

Truckee River is apt for Lake Tahoe Trout fishing because it is usually open during the trout season— the third weekend in April. However, this river is run on Catch and Release basis. After fishing, you'll release all the fish back into the river. 

North Lake Tahoe Boca and Stampede Reservoirs 

These popular reservoirs in the North are situated along Interstate 80, very near Truckee. The good thing about Boca and Stampede is that they are very close to each other. So, you can easily explore both reservoirs on a day. Further, both reservoirs have highly-equipped campgrounds you can stay to have all the fun you yearn for. The lakes are very large; you may kayak or float tube. 

These lakes shelter Rainbows, Browns and sometimes, Brookie. If you want to be highly productive with shore fishing at these lakes, try to use lures, flies or baits. They allow the use of baits at Stampede but restrict their usage when you go near the Truckee area. You're allowed to take away two fish in this lake. However, many people do honor the Catch and Release Policy to ensure the wonderful creatures don't go into extinction. 

Both lakes are famous in the winter season for ice fishing. It is always advisable that you read through your registration booklet as the laws guiding the usages of these lakes are often changed.  

South Lake Tahoe Caples Lake

Of all the South Lake Tahoe fishing spots, Caples Lake is the most famous. This lake is situated near Highway 88 at Mokelumne Wilderness. The lake looks charming and inviting when you set your eyes on it. Caples is mostly known for harboring big fish such as Bookies, Rainbows, Mackinaw and Browns. Another interesting fact about this fishing spot is its largeness; it's big enough to launch a boat or even kayak. 

This lake has steep sides which allow you to be in the zone from the shore of the river. And this is undoubtedly the easiest place to get the fish. If you want to have some break, you can walk near the outflow dam area where there are toilet facilities and a parking lot. 

The Revered Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe

Taylor Creek is one of the major tributaries in South Lake Tahoe fishing history. This tributary is always open in the Fall from July 1 to September 30. Although the creek is somewhat dry at this season of the year and fish might be difficult to catch, but you'll have a clear view of the wildlife. Annually, the Kokanee Salmon run is usually a sight to behold as people gather from far and near to celebrate with locals. The kokanee is freshwater inland

Sockeye and usually turn to vermillion and green at spawn. You'll definitely be amazed at this natural brilliance. 

Also, you can take the Lake Tahoe fly fishing classes being offered at Taylor Creek Visitors Center whenever you're around for this annual festival. During high water seasons, you may likely find some large lake hogs in this creek. 

The Middle of Lake Tahoe 

Yes, this is another major promising spot for fishing! Are you afraid of approaching this Lake? Worry less, contact reliable charters and your fishing trip will start in earnest. It is very important to remind you that most of the fish will be in 10% of the whole water. Your success rate will blossom if you're with local fishing guides who are very familiar with the lake. 

In addition, while you're on the lake, you'll have some fantastic views of the city you wouldn't have experienced while on the road. This is another fun on its own. If you book one of the best charters around, you should be pretty sure of having your breakfast and lunch for free. 


Lake Tahoe fishing trip is one of the most engaging ways to spend your vacation and celebrate your anniversary. The fun begins immediately after you get to the region. However, you will enjoy your adventure the more if you follow all laid down rules and seek the help of local guides. In all, Lake Tahoe fishing is one-of-its-kind in the whole of North America. 

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